Founded in 2002, Peeples Orthotics and Prosthetics has a long history of getting our patients back to a level of physical activity that many never thought possible.  In fact, a lot of patients that come through our doors assume that having uncomfortable (or even painful) prosthetics is just a part of wearing them.  Our mission – and what we pride ourselves on – is to prove that assumption wrong.  Whether you need a short-term orthotic brace or a full prosthetic limb, we are here to make sure that your life and activity level are improving because of it, not hindered by it.

Set up an appointment at our Wichita, KS or Clinton, MO office, meet our staff, and let us work with you to reclaim your day-to-day.

We’re here to give you a hand…or a whole arm if you need it.

Your Recovery is Our Specialty

At Peeples, our satisfaction comes from your improvement.  Seeing our patients go from being wheelchair-bound to walking and running again is what motivates us.  We’re proud to be making a difference in the lives of our patients.

Made In-House

Our on-site lab gives us the greatest control!

Made In-House

Having a lab on-site means we don’t have to send your socket or orthotic brace/insert out to a third party to make. We just take it down the hall. Our expert team can make in-house adjustments quickly and accurately.

Elite Staff

You're in expert hands.

Elite Staff

The majority of our staff has been with Peeples for over ten years, and that experience and knowledge is priceless. You can walk through our doors with confidence that you’re receiving expert care.

Personal Service

We truly care about each of our patients, and it shows!

Personal Service

At Peeples, you will know every person in our office from Jenna and Lee Ann at our front counter to Steve, the company’s president. We’re a family, and we want you to feel like you’re a part of that.
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Meet Our Staff

Steve Peeples
Steve PeeplesPresident, CPO
Since opening Peeples Orthotics and Prosthetics in 2001, Steve still has the same drive and passion for the people he works with. Patient care is his #1 priority. After years of working for another prosthetics clinic, he found himself frustrated by the limitations placed on his ability to give his patients his best, and decided to do something about it.
Dave Schrandt
Dave SchrandtOrthotist/Prosthetist
Dave has been a part of the Peeples Orthotics and Prosthetics family since 2003, and it’s that family environment that he enjoys the most. He works with all manner of patients from creating custom scoliosis braces to utilizing the newest technologies for adaptive prosthetics.
Brandon Tarrant
Brandon TarrantOrthotic Practitioner
Brandon has been an Orthotic Practitioner at Peeples since 2010. He completed his residency in Orthotics at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Salt Lake City, and enjoys the freedom he has working in a small business environment.
Matt Amos
Matt AmosDirector of Patient Relations
Matt has been an amputee since June 2011 and has served as a mentor to our patients since 2015. He says, “I’ve had sockets made all over the country, but it wasn’t until I came to Peeples that I dropped my canes and realized my potential. I just want others to realize theirs.”
Jenna Duda
Jenna DudaPatient Care Coordinator
Jenna is likely the first person you’ll see at Peeples. She has been with the company since 2010, and enjoys seeing the changes in patients as they recover and as their quality of life is so evidently improving. In her words, “It’s pretty amazing to be a part of that.”

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